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Blown Fibre

Future-proof your network today

The blown fibre system offers significant benefits to users when compared with traditional cabling in terms of flexibility and a low cost upgrade path where future demand trends are unclear. Installing a network of tubes that can be configured to match whatever fluctuating demand schedule appears and fibred with the latest, most appropriate technology makes a blown fibre solution truly future-proof.

What is Blown Fibre?
Blown fibre is a unique installation solution that offers flexible and cost effective deployment with an ability to easily support future network expansion requirements.

The system uses a compressed air installation method and is capable of blowing single coated fibres up to 1km through a route of bends and twists. The fibre units are only blown into the ducts as they are needed, allowing the blown fibre system to develop as network needs expand.

The use of this system has removed the need to use a traditional "dark fibre" philosophy to address future proofing, and also enables a more efficient building plan as the fibres can be installed on individual schedules once the tubing is laid.

This "pay as you grow" approach represents excellent operational value, and illustrates some of the many benefits of blown fibre networks.

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Blown fibre provides substantial flexibility and significant "future-proofing", allowing newer technology fibres to be blown in without the normal upheaval that installation of new cabling would bring.

Why Blown Fibre?

  • Simplified Planning — choose a tube size, then install fibres as needed.
  • Cost Effective — pay as you grow… pay only for fibres as you require them.
  • Flexible — future proof your network, makes it easily upgradable.
  • Scalable — install or remove fibres as needed.
  • Speed of installation — once the tube is installed, fibre can be blown in at an average rate of 25m per minute.

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