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KVM-over-IP Switching & Extension

InvisaPC makes way for Emerald SE

Effective January 31st, 2019, all components of our InvisaPC KVM product family will reach end-of-sales status. Effective March 31st, 2019, all InvisaPC products will reach end-of-life status.

InvisaPC warranties are not affected by this notification, and InvisaPC units will be replaced in the event of a failure during warranty periods.

The table below shows affected part numbers and corresponding replacement products (Emerald® KVM extenders). InvisaPC and Emerald SE transmitters and receivers are 100 percent compatible and fully interchangeable to support existing installations and scaling KVM networks for future requirements.

The InvisaPC manager (DTX1032-R) will be replaced by the Boxilla® KVM/IT system manager, providing a more extensive set of features at full compatibility with both existing InvisaPC installations and Emerald devices.

InvisaPC rackmount kits (DTX1000-RMK1/DTX1000-RMK2) will also be compatible with Emerald devices.

InvisaPC Guides & Replacements

Type Description Installation
Previous SKU Replacement
Transmitter InvisaPC KVM-over-IP Extender Transmitter - Single-Head DTX1000-T
InvisaPC KVM-over-IP Transmitter - Dual-Head DTX1002-T EMD2002SE-T
Receiver InvisaPC KVM-over-IP Extender Receiver - Single-Head DTX1000-R
InvisaPC KVM-over-IP Receiver - Dual-Head DTX1002-R EMD2002SE-R
Kit InvisaPC KVM-over-IP Extender Kit - Single-Head N/A DTX1000
InvisaPC KVM-over-IP Kit - Dual-Head N/A DTX1002 N/A
Manager InvisaPC KVM-over-IP Manager N/A DTX1003 BXAMGR
InvisaPC KVM-over-IP Manager - 32 Endpoints DTX1032-R

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