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A digital transformation is changing the way manufacturers do business. Black Box gives you the digital edge.

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Enabling Smarter, Safer and More Efficient Manufacturing Across Every Environment

Wired and wireless infrastructure, integrated communications and collaboration, smart IoT devices, and managed services – these are the hallmarks of the modern manufacturing facility. The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) is about interconnectivity as a driver for agile and lean manufacturing, bringing every process and protocol into a single, sharp focus. Incorporating process automation, centralized data management and inventory control with a cohesive and all-encompassing control network means efficiency, safety, and reduced capacity issues and downtime.


Leading-edge Technology for Leading-edge Manufacturing

Meeting the demand for mission-critical wireless and IoT, and IoP across any foreseeable environment means deploying the right foundational technology. With hundreds of manufacturing clients across the globe, Black Box has the expertise to design and implement an intelligent cutting-edge solution that supports production automation and facilities across any number of sites. Our clients effectively integrate digital manufacturing solutions with process automation, centralized data management and inventory control to ensure coverage and capacity expectations are not simply met but exceeded. Industry 4.0 will be everything you've hoped for. Capitalize on the advantages it provides.


Driving Efficiency through IT Services and Deployment

Design, deploy, and manage leading-edge technologies to drive efficiency, improve productivity and safety, and enhance communications across sites both local and global.


Accelerating Automation, Data, and Security with 5G & OnGo

Wireless devices are everywhere – 5G & OnGo support this new wave of connectivity: capacity, seamless mobility, reliability, minimal latency, security, interoperability, and quality.


Connecting Your Industrial Environment with IoT

Bridge the gap between IT and operations while eliminating digital blind spots, connecting your assets, applications, and data in real- time.  Enjoy fast and secure data exchange across your comprehensive digital factory.

Industrial Networking Solutions

Your industrial environment presents specific and unique challenges. Extreme temperatures, humidity, and corrosive materials can ruin essential IT equipment and make it difficult for personnel to operate and maintain your infrastructure and automation. Factor in the motors, mechanical switches, and other devices producing large amounts of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and the solution is clear – you need rugged hardware and uninterrupted interconnectivity. The perfect industrial networking solutions bring every aspect of every facility – no matter how near or far – within an arm's reach, allowing total control of every facility hands-free. Wired and wireless infrastructure, integrated communications and collaboration, smart IoT devices, and managed service solutions all play a significant role in driving positive outcomes for manufacturing processes.




Harsh Environment





Tough and Dependable Tech for Every Industrial Application

Industrial environments present much harsher conditions than those found in typical office environments. They have extreme temperatures, humidity and corrosive materials that can ruin IT equipment. They also contain motors, mechanical switches and other devices that can produce large amounts of electromagnetic interference (EMI). Whether your concerns center around big data, cloud computing, advanced robotics, or even augmented reality, the success of your systems will depend on how easily they deploy and how well they function in any environment. Black Box has a large range of solutions designed to perform in the toughest environments and rise to the challengeforsmooth, interruption-free operation and minimal downtime.

Customer Success Stories

Read how scalable, futureproof KVM solutions helped several customers optimize workflows and increase productivity.

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Why Black Box?

Regardless of environment, regardless of distance, regardless of size – Black Box brings you industrial solutions designed to withstand the demands of any environment and process. The most useful technology bridges the gap between human operators, controllers, technicians and managers and brings progress and efficiency into sharp focus. You need a technology partner who will analyze your specific situation and pay close attention to your needs. No one can describe your unique position and applications better than you. That's the reason we're committed to objective analysis and honest appraisals.Continual investment in R&D and world-class infrastructureallows us to co-create pathbreaking technology solutions with you.

Just like human relationships, trust is crucial for strong business relationships. You'll find your Black Box experience the best of all worlds. While some insist one cannot be all things to all people, we challenge that notion by gathering the finest minds and the latest in technology together under one banner for the explicit purpose of providing unparalleled and comprehensive service to you, our most valued customer and partner.

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