Why MTP?
  • Rapid deployment
  • Increase rack density
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Reduce footprint
  • Reduce cooling required
  • Increase airflow
  • Easy-to-use plug-and-play
  • Reduce rack space

Fibre Optic MPO/MTP

Cabling infrastructure designed to deliver mission-critical applications to a data network, offering reliability, speed and availability

Fibre Optic MPO/MTP

Demand for greater processing power, efficient data centre design and high-speed Internet access means choosing the right cabling infrastructure is essential.

The Black Box MTP solution provides a high-density, high-performance, robust, modular solution, for fast installation of enterprise data centre and other high-fibre count cabling implementation.

Rapid Deployment
A factory terminated optical fibre cabling solution is a simple, yet scalable reliable method of network deployment. Installation time compared to traditional fibre systems can be reduced by up to 75%. Simply pull, plug and complete your installation on time, eliminating all unpredictable field termination variables.

Cost Saving
Installation time involving a costly, highly qualified workforce can be reduced to a minimum. A tailor-made system means that there is no waste of connectors or fibre cable.
  High Performance and Reliability
A combination of high quality components and Black Box's manufacturing quality control guarantees products are of the highest standard. State-of-the-art MTP manufacturing facilities provide high performance assemblies for the most demanding applications.

The ever increasing demand for higher bandwidth rates requires more complex networks. A modular system is the choice to ease future expansion and for quick and easy system reconfiguration.
  High Density
Thousands of optical ports can be hosted in a SAN (Storage Area Network) or contemporary data centre. The Black Box MTP system introduces high density fibre with up to 24-core trunk assemblies and high density panels for cabling duct.

Next Generation Network Proof
The evolving future protocols of 40 and 100 Gbps Ethernet utilise parallel optics. With MTP connections in your network the infrastructure will be unchanged and easily fit into the new network standard topologies.

Environmental Considerations

Environmental concerns affect data centre size and growth, with constant pressure to decrease equipment footprint and save on rack space. Our high density MTP solutions require much less room than conventional cabling systems, allowing a reduction in the cabinet and/or rack space required.


In the current economic climate, operators are particularly concerned about running costs, especially power consumption. Energy efficiency is key. The high density of our MTP systems and small diameter cables mean that ducts and racks are not congested allowing for improved cooling plus, at high speed, fibre channels consume less power than equivalent data rate copper channels.