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Black Box provides wireless local network (WLAN) and wireless wide area network (WWAN) communication solutions for a wide range of sectors.

Our team analyse your network needs, perform on-site survey, design the solution, construct any required civil structures, install the wireless equipment and provide on-going maintenance.

Black Box provides reliable high-speed wireless Data and VoIP connectivity and offers mobility and flexibility within the work environment.

Wireless LANS are increasing employees productivity by enabling users to do their work when and where it is convenient for them - whether at work, at home or on the road.

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Why go Wireless?

>> User mobilty

Users can access files, network resources and the internet without having to physically connect to the netsork with wires? Users can be mobile yet retain high-speed, real-time access to the LAN.

>> Installation
No unsightly wires, and less of them, reducing the installation time dramatically.

>> Flexibility
Business can also enjoy the flexibilty of installation and taking down WLANs in locations as necessary. Users can quickly install a small WLAN for temporary needs such as a conference or a Trade Show.

>> Scalability
WLAN network topologies can easily be configured to meet specific applications and installation needs to scale from small peer-to-peer networks to very large business networks that enable roaming over a broad area.
  • Reliable connectivity at broadband speed
  • No unsightly wires
  • Installation time dramatically reduced
  • Increased productivity


>> Small office Home products
Our entry-level products consists of Access Points and various stations adapters in the form of PCMCIA-cards, PCI-cards or USB sticks. These products are ideal for setting peer-to-peer networks or small networks taking advantage of an internet connection via a SOHO wireless router.

>> Professional Indoor Products
Control and optimalization of medium-sized wireless installation can be considerably optimized by central management with WLAN controllers.

>> Industrial products
We offer a wide range of products for harsh environment where ruggedized versions of Access Points and Wireless adapters are needed.

>> Outdoor products
We offer products for various outdoor applications like Free Space optics Point-to-Point (Laser), Radio Frequency Mesh Networks or Point-to- Point or Point-to-Multipoint.

>> Antennas
It's not always easy to define the antenna you need. After performing a site survey we define together with you the right antenna for your application.