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Networking Solutions

Planning a new network or a network upgrade is a daunting task, even for the most seasoned IT professional. No matter what industry you’re in, our solutions and support will make your networking goals a reality.

Find what you need to connect your network in every environment from the office to the factory floor, across town, and across the country.

Featured solutions:

LEH1200 Hardened Switch

Configure, control, and monitor remote equipment in hazardous environments

ISA 12.12.01 certification ensures reliable, safe switching.

Hardened Managed Modular Switch

Customisable. Tough. Redundant.

Managed modular switching system with a range of interface options.

Wireless Ethernet Extender

Set up long-distance wireless point-to-point connections

Secure, robust wireless data transmissions from the edge of your network.

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  • Hardened Ethernet Switches
    Hardened Ethernet Switches
  • Hardened Switches Demonstration
    Hardened Switches Demonstration
  • Alertwerks

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Featured solutions:

Ethernet Extender Buyer's Guide

Ethernet Extender Buyer's Guide

Choose from our wide variety of Ethernet Extenders with ranges up to 10 kilometres.

Free Space Optics

Forget cable. Send data up to 1.6 km wirelessly

Set up wireless LAN-to-LAN connections easily using free space optics.

Gigabit Fibre Switch

Pay-as-you-grow: maximum networking flexibility and scalability

Add SFPs to a Gigabit managed fibre switch when you need them to expand your network.

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  • Power over Ethernet Explained
    Power over Ethernet Explained
  • Wireless Ethernet Extenders
    Wireless Ethernet Extenders
  • LanScopePro
  • Auto-Sync Time Clock
    Auto-Sync Time Clock

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Featured solutions:

USB Extender Buyers Guide

USB Extender Buyer's Guide

Choose from our selection of CATx and fibre USB extenders with ranges up to 10 kilometres.

CATx DB9 Line Driver

Put industrial equipment where you need it

Plug-and-play, optically-isolated DB9 line drivers send RS-232 signals up to 1,200 metres.

USB3 Ultimate Fiber Extender

Link to high-bandwidth USB devices up to 100 metres away

Extend USB signals to remote USB 3.0 devices using secure, interference-free fibre cabling.

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  • Serial Console Servers
    Serial Console Servers
  • USB Extenders
    USB Extenders

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