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Hardened networks for extreme conditions

Hardened networks for extreme conditions

Hardened Industrial Networking Solutions

Within the sector - plants, power stations and distribution centres - typically contain harsh environments. Communications equipment is often required to be protected against such conditions as temperature extremes, the presence of high volumes of dust and / or pollutants, liquids, and depending where in the world - extreme levels of humidity. Even simple networking equipment often requires protection against such conditions. Within HV transmission there is a requirement to protect equipment from the high presence of EMI / RFI interference through the use of extensive shielding.

At Black Box we have expertise to deliver hardened products suitable for the harsh environments typically experienced by the energy sector. So if you are involved with AHM, VOC or are involved in E & P, we have the correct solution for you.

Extreme heavy duty switches

The Extreme range of heavy duty switches provide six ports of 10 / 100Mbps in various copper / fibre port densities. These switches are designed to function from -40 to +75°C so work in the toughest of environments. They can be DIN rail mounted and support a wide range of power options including 12V D.C. through to 240V AC.

Extreme media converters

These Extreme media converters provide two ports of 10 / 100 / 1000Mbps over a fibre pair. Available in two versions to support either multi-mode or single-mode fibre cabling, these media converters are designed to work in environments of -40 to +75°C. They can be DIN rail mounted, and can be powered from 100 – 240V AC.

Extreme Convenient Switches

These four port copper switches support 10 / 100Mbps networks and are designed to operate in extreme environments as they support operating temperatures of -40 to +75°C. They can be desk mounted, rack mounted via a chassis or DIN rail mounted. They can be powered by either 12V D.C., 24V D.C or 95 – 260VAC power supplies. They also support VLAN tagging and feature a 2K MAC table.


Hardened Gigabit Switches

The Hardened Gigabit switches provide eight ports of 10 / 100 / 1000Mbps and are designed to operate in environments of -10 to +70°C and feature dual DC power inputs for redundancy. They can be DIN rail mounted and are built in an IP50 rated steel housing.

Hardened media convertors

These hardened media convertors provide compact conversion from copper to fibre. They support operating temperatures from -25 to +70°C and feature a plethora of powering options including 802.3af PoE, USB power from a nearby PC, a D.C. terminal block, a universal A.C power supply or an optional rack mountable power tray. They can also be DIN rail mounted.

Hardened Mini Industrial Media Converter

The Hardened Mini Industrial 10 / 100Mbps media converters support temperature ranges of -25 to +60°C and support fibre distances of up to 40 km. They are DIN rail mountable and can be powered directly from a D.C. supply of 12 to 48 Volts.

Hardened Industrial Networking Solutions for Energy Sector

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