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Established more than 30 years ago, RAD Data Communications is an award-winning manufacturer of service assured access and backhaul solutions. Its leading-edge technology, strict adherence to quality standards and environmentally friendly operations, together with a corporate culture that encourages long-term relationships with customers, channels, suppliers, and employees, combine to make RAD an ideal partner for all your telecommunications and data communications projects.

RAD Data Communications offers carriers, service providers, mobile operators, and enterprise users a wide range of access products and network aggregation solutions to enable the fast and easy deployment of multiple services, while controlling OpEX and CapEX and minimizing end-user outlays for new and existing communications requirements.

Carriers & Service Providers

Deploy Carrier Ethernet services and transport networks with end-to-end quality of service for SLA assurance. Roll out and extend multiple legacy and next-generation services over any topology and infrastructure: fibre, PDH/SDH/SONET, DSL and wireless.
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Transportation & Utilities

Support diverse applications ranging from mission-critical control data, video surveillance and voice traffic, to Internet access, LAN, and industrial Ethernet over various network topologies across their own communications grid or facilities leased from service providers. Manage the transition from existing access and transport infrastructure to the Smart Grid and new packet-based networks.
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Government & Enterprise

Support disaster recovery, public safety and homeland security applications with tailored access and backhaul solutions for TETRA, video surveillance, secure fibre, and encrypted wireless networks.
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Mobile Backhaul

Enable high capacity intelligent demarcation, backhaul and aggregation of 2G, 3G, HSPA, and LTE traffic over packet-based or legacy networks. Extend mobile services to underserved rural or sparsely populated areas with low-cost fibre, copper and wireless modems and multiplexers.
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Products & RAD certification

Download the RAD catalog 2013
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RAD certification proclaims the standard that staff members have reached in RAD technology. Awarded certifications include RAD Technical Expert, RAD Authorized Technical Trainer and RAD Application Expert.

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